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“We have a platform that standardizes the process, makes it more organized and I have visibility of everything that happens. In less than a year we managed to reduce the team from 4 people to just 1. What I like most about Rindegastos is always having a response from someone. Support people, executives, or the same sales people”
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Loreto Reyes

Head of Subcontracts
“Thanks to Rindegastos we detected how much money we were really spending on Uber and based on that we negotiated a commercial agreement to implement Uber Empresas more conveniently”

Beatriz Hernandez

General Manager
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“We were able to completely digitize and optimize the expense statement process and, through cell phones, we gave users a tool to make it easier and faster to submit their statements and review expense reports.”
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Martin Edwards

Finance Assistant Manager
“Reportability and traceability are excellent. For example, you can download a user's complete report and see in detail the surrender movements and if they are making correct use of their funds”
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Marcela Herrera

Head of Accounts Payable
“Everything went very well, we didn't even need to train all the users, they were asking the users that had been trained or just following the manuals. Users can now submit or approve expenses from anywhere using the App, they love that!”
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Jorge Ching

ERP and Channels Assistant Manager

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Maritime Logistics
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We heard about Rindegastos with a company that already had the service. We reviewed the costs, and they were at light years ahead of what we could develop and at a low cost.
Mining & Energy
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Our company has offices all over Chile, so the risk of losing the documents was very high and not having physical support for the expense, it could not give up, now it is not like that.
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Today the expense reports are reviewed in the same week in which they were spent, the information arrives perfectly thanks to the validations of the platform, and we have integrated Rindegastos into our ERP.

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