Distance Expenses

Welcome to the new way of paying distance expenses,
all 100% automatic on the go. Rindegastos uses the latest technologies
available on your cell phone to automate the calculation of expenses.

21st century solution to
distance expenses

Rindegastos will allow you to define rates per kilometer according to your company's policies, configure travel distances and their costs, calculate everything in a
easy way with GPS tools, map route and manual typing.

Set rates per kilometer

Set an amount for each kilometer traveled and let
Rindegastos do the final calculation for the expense report.

+100K people love us

Our users trust Rindegastos and are constantly telling
us how satisfied they are with the App.


Super simple
I just did my first expense report a few days ago and the mobile application was quite intuitive so I didn't find any complications along the way. The experience was really pleasant and I already have my refund in my hands👍🏽...

Luis Quilaqueo
I think it is an excellent tool to pay minor expenses, so far I have been able to pay all my bills without any problem, I can also keep a good control of my expenses, with this I avoid spending more money according to the budget that I have assigned.
Esteban Hernandez
Good service, it is complete, it is what we look for in our company.
Easy to use
A great tool that has helped us simplify the control of expense statements, registration errors, duplicity of invoices, etc. 100% recommendable.
Felipe Arteaga
Our company organized and greatly facilitated the expense reporting process (more than 80 accountants). The transparency of the process made the support areas increase their efficiency and now pay every week instead of having to wait more than a month as it was in the past.
Gabriel Leoz
This app has managed to make the report in a few minutes. Without losing any receipts, which used to cause me to lose money for not knowing how that expense had been made. Being able to scan the invoice code makes it quicker to have all the information with a touch.

Rindegastos within hand's reach

The Rindegastos mobile App allows you to use all our tools on your cell phone with a few clicks. Take photos, report expenses and
approve with ease.

Learn more about what
makes us unique

Mobile App

Carry Rindegastos in your pocket and pay when you want. Take photos of your receipts, approve reports, work offline and much more.


Rindegastos is powered by top-tier AI, and is available to all users. We don't like manual typing, so we made Scanit!

Integration with external services

We make it easy to report expenses in various external online shopping and transportation services, as simple as sending your receipt to our email.