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We love process automation, and we know you will love it too. We work with artificial intelligence to make all processes simple and easy for our users.

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Per diem

Our Viati robot is in charge of assigning per diems depending on the destinations and expense category that you define.


Our Houdini robot works magic, it redirects reported expenses to the corresponding policy to avoid confusion.


The Supli robot is in charge of validating the suppliers that have been entered in a statement of expenses, indicating if the supplier is in the ERP.

Aprobador Automático

Poseemos robots especiales que aseguran que se cumplan todas las características que se especifican en las políticas de gastos.

Credit Cards

Our card robot reviews the movement of the bill associated with a credit card and automatically creates the expense on the platform.


If you need a service that is outside of our built-in tools, let's talk and make Rindegastos optimal for you.
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100% customizable policies to enforce the rules and play the way you want.

Reporting and export

Easily access all the reported expense information that is constantly being backed up and export the reports in the way that suits you best.


All your information will be protected and backed up with constant availability and access to it. Rindegastos has a backup system that preserves all your data and encrypts it so that only you can access it.