Best friends with SUNAT

Rindegastos automates the filling in of information and validates all the information provided with SUNAT, optimizing the expense reporting process and complying with the country's policies.

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Avoid all typing errors

We have a system that reads the QR codes of the receipts and automatically fills in the necessary information for the expense reports, making it practically impossible for there to be errors in the data.

We automatically validate information with SUNAT

We consider all the automatic processes that can be carried out in the software for greater comfort and to make the experience with Rindegastos unique.
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RUC of the provider

Get all the information from the RUC used by the providers to know its commercial validity.
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Provider Status

Check online the status of the provider in SUNAT and avoid problems with providers with an irregular situation.
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Double validation

Rindegastos checks that the information of the expenses entered in the platform does not have errors.
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Bill and/or invoices

Know the status of documents online with SUNAT, avoiding errors and accounting problems.

Tax Settings

Rindegastos will make your work related to the accounting of taxes in Peru easier.

Travel expenses with SUNAT

With Rindegastos, mobility expenses in Peru will no longer be a problem, since SUNAT's policies will be taken into account to keep everything in accordance with the provisions of the law.
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Tax Management

Hand in hand with your taxpaying entity. Rindegastos adapts to the taxpaying institutions of each country.
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Manage and view in real time the amounts allocated from petty cash and the funds to be paid from all collaborators.
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All your information will be protected and backed up with constant availability and access to it. Rindegastos has a backup system that preserves all your data and encrypts it so that only you can access it.