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With Rindegastos you will be able to pay more attention to your business and stop wasting time and energy in processes that do not require it.

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Our onboarding service will always be available to solve any problem, get you started on the platform and guide you in integrating Rindegastos into your accounting systems.

Automatic registration

Scanit is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to extract information from your tickets and/or receipts. Take a photo and our robot will take care of the rest.


Customize the entire work system so that it adapts to the needs of your company.

Control and management of expenses

Generate custom reports and export all the information so you can do the analysis you want
from it.


You will be able to export all the expense information in the format you want with just a few clicks.


Rindegastos detecta de forma automática los gastos que sean similares o iguales a otros.

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We are the most powerful tool for your expense reports
in Chile and Latin America.

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Growth and scalability

No matter how many workers your company has, we are ready to receive as many users as necessary.

Regional Operations

Implement Rindegastos and your policy settings anywhere thanks to our multi-currency system and adaptability to financial entities.

Free and Unlimited Support

Choose the means that best suits you to contact us and request free support, we will always be available to help you in whatever is necessary.

Integrated to suit you

Rindegastos is automatically integrated into your company's accounting system and your ERP. You no longer need to enter the same information twice, everything will be in one place.

Testimonials from
our clients

“We were reviewing an American platform, but it did not have a Spanish version. We wanted a solution that would work from the phone, so that the expense could be paid as soon as it was done and Rindegastos offered everything we needed.”

Beatriz Hernandez

General Manager
“Users can now submit or approve expenses from anywhere using the App, they love that! They no longer have to fill out all the information manually, they just select the configured options and the platform will warns if they are breaking company policies”

Jorge Ching

ERP and Channels Assistant Manager