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No matter where your workers and operations are located, Rindegastos adapts to all the requirements of your company.

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Growth and

Don't worry about the number of users or the scalability of your company, Rindegastos adapts to all categories and sizes
as needed.


Working with different currencies and tax institutions will no longer be a problem thanks to Rindegastos and our automation system.

Automation and

The rules of the game the way you like them, automate your validations and let Rindegastos take care that all the information is
always correct.


You will be able to configure and parameterize everything to ensure that the information is what your company needs. Rindegastos meets your needs.


Set the expense policies with which the expenses will be reported so that your collaborators perform under the same conditions.

All kinds of

No matter the area of your company or the nature of your expense reports, you will have multiple options to configure them.

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We are the most powerful tool for your expense reports
in Chile and Latin America.

This makes us different from the rest

Control and management of expenses

Generate custom reports and export all the information so you can do the analysis you want from it.

Goodbye fraudulent spending

Rindegastos automatically detects expenses that are similar or the same as others.

Free and Unlimited Support

Choose the means that best suits you to contact us and request free support, we will always be available to help you with whatever is necessary.

Integrated to suit you

Rindegastos is automatically integrated into your company's accounting system and your ERP. You no longer need to enter the same information twice, everything will be in one place.

Testimonials from
our clients

“We have a platform that standardizes the process, makes it more organized and I have visibility of everything that happens. In less than a year we managed to reduce the team from 4 people to just 1. What I like most about the company Rindegastos is always having a response from someone. Support people, executives, or the same sales people”

Loreto Reyes

Head of Subcontracts
“Reportability and traceability are excellent. For example, you can download a user's complete report and see in detail the surrender movements and if they are making correct use of their funds”

Marcela Herrera

Head of Accounts Payable