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All the information will be in the same place and integrated with your company's accounting system, forget about digitizing expense statements more than once, Rindegastos does it for you.


100% automatic


No more double-typing approved expense reports,
all the information will be in the same place and integrated
into your company's accounting system.


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Our software easily adapts to any ERP or system that your company uses
, making it easy to integrate with companies and facilitating
their expense reports.

API Return Expenses

We have defined parameters to integrate with practically all accounting systems and ERP's.
API Returns Costs

Custom integration

We can adapt to any system so that everything works in the most comfortable and optimal way
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What you can do with
Built-in Spendkeeper

It is not only necessary to have the tools used to carry out the work available, it is necessary for everything to converse and be coherent with each other. Rindegastos allows you to optimize the work thanks to the fact that:
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Avoid typing errors

Rindegastos makes a comparison of the information, avoiding typing and content errors.
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Validates the providers

You will know all the information of the providers to ensure that they comply with the standards of policies.
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Ensures the validity of the information

Intermediaries are eliminated, all the information will be one by one.
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Create specific rules

You will be able to customize the rules and policies for your company's expenses.
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Our partners provide support so that we can integrate to measure with the different ERP systems that companies use today. If you want to know more about them, and their available integrations, you can meet them here.
Testimonials from
our clients
“The integration process was quite fast, in 3 weeks we were already performing with the app, and the help we had at the support level has been very helpful”

Hipólito Soto

Corporate IT Assistant Manager
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“The implementation was very friendly for us... But the Rindegastos professionals had the best disposition, they knew what they were coming for and had experience in SAP, so they helped us a lot with the migration to this system”

Marcela Herrera

Head of Accounts Payable

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Automatic validations

Automatic validations to control that the information is always in accordance with company policies; amounts, valid RUT, dates, types of expenses, and much more.


All your information will be protected and backed up with constant availability and access to it. Rindegastos has a backup system that preserves all your data and encrypts it so that only you can access it.


100% customizable policies to enforce the rules and play the way you want.