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Frequently Asked Questions
Once the report is submitted for review, you must wait for your approvers to review your report until it is in the “Closed” status. After this, your company will begin the payment process. All information related to payments , you should consult your company directly, since Rindegastos does not have this type of information.
After creating expenses, you must enter the menu and select “expense report”. In this section you must create a new report with the same policy with which you created the expenses before, add the expenses and send the report for your review. We leave you the link with the step-by-step video tutorials: Watch videos
An expense can only be deleted if its status is “draft”. If you have already sent the expenses for review, you must ask the approver, who owns your report, to return it to you, in this way the report will return to your draft status so you can eliminate the expenses.
If you have forgotten your password, you must access the login area and select the phrase “forgot password?”. The platform will request the email with which you work at Rindegastos, and will send a link where you can create a new password, if you have problems in this process, contact us through any of our support channels.
The first thing you should check is the size of your files, because Rindegastos allows you to enter a maximum of 4MB per file. If the above is correct, check the following:
  • Android: check that your Android version is equal to or higher than 5.0.
  • iOS: check that your iOS version is higher than 9.0.
  • Check the permissions of your cell phone to access the camera and gallery, these permissions are requested when installing the APP and you can configure them in the settings of the applications on your cell phone.
  • Check that there is space available in the cell phone's memory. Check that you have installed the latest version of the Rindegastos app.
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All your information will be protected and backed up with constant availability and access to it. Rindegastos has a backup system that preserves all your data and encrypts it so that only you can access it.
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Tax Management

Hand in hand with your taxpaying entity. Rindegastos adapts to the taxpaying institutions of each country.