Behind the expense statements
there is a great team

Digitizing 100% expense reports is a task that
involves a lot of work and effort, which is why we created a
diverse and multidisciplinary team that is prepared and
willing to give you the best service.


Of the team are women



30 years

Average age


of the team is Aquarius

Our purpose

Optimize company processes to simplify the lives of their employees, allowing them to devote their time to what really matters to them.

What have we been up to?
a bit of our history

July 2017

APP Launch

January 2017

Rindegastos for Small & Medium Companies

June 2015

Launch of our commercial version

January 2015

First invoice
rendered and successful MVP

December 2017

We reached a million
of expenses reported!

January 2019

Scanit launched
to automatically read ballots with
OCR technology

March 2019

Opening of the office
in Peru

August 2020

Approval by the SII, no more physical receipts!

November 2022

We reach 3000
clients in Latam

July 2022

We pass the USD500
million provided
through the platform

January 2022

Opening of a new office in Colombia

July 2021

Opening of a new office in Mexico

July 2023

Launch of Invoice
Recovery Service
for Mexico

September 2023

Opening of a new office in Argentina

Corporate values

We know how to coexist in a diverse environment, accepting and valuing our individualities, ideas and talents. We are empathetic and caring.
Team work
We work collaboratively, generating synergies that allow us to achieve results and common objectives. We are all part of the same gear.
We assume our functions with effort and great dedication, being aware of the impact of our role in Rindegastos.
We unleash our maximum potential and deliver the best of each one of us, seeking to obtain optimal results. We are passionate about delivering quality service.
We have the ability to face constant change with agility, positively confronting new realities. We are flexible and decisive.
We seek new opportunities and challenges that allow us to add value to our work. We learn from our mistakes.

Our people make the difference
in Latinamerica and the world

Experiences of the team

At Rindegastos everything has been very enriching, both on a personal and professional level. The interaction that we all have is so good that it has helped me a lot to improve my soft skills and to trust me more. In addition, with everything I have learned about my area together with my team, it makes me wake up every day with a lot of encouragement to be able to work, share and laugh, always doing our job of course ✌

Melisa Astudillo

Senior Backend Developer
I joined Rindegastos because they believed in me and my potential. Thanks to that I have been able to consolidate my professional career, hone my skills and experience. All this in a very pleasant work context, with good benefits and above all with people who have become part of my life story 👋

Diego Corro

Corporate Onboarding Manager