Different currencies,
only one Rindegastos

Report your expenses anywhere in the world, take advantage of the automation of official exchange rates to report all expenses made abroad in your local currency.


Currencies to record
international expenses

All the expenses you make abroad will be automatically converted to the currency of your country and registered as any other expense, they will also be instantly supported on the platform.

Automatic exchange rates from official sources for each country

When making an expense abroad, it will be automatically converted to the currency of your country using the official conversion rates, adapting to any circumstance without difference to a common expense reporting.
No more headaches when accounting for foreign expenses in local currency.
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Automatic validations

Automatic validations to control that the information is always in accordance with company policies; amounts, valid RUT, dates, types of expenses, and much more.
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Manage and view in real time the amounts allocated from petty cash and the funds to be paid from all collaborators.
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Tax Management

Hand in hand with your taxpaying entity. Rindegastos adapts to the taxpaying institutions of each country.