We adapt to the
tax rules of your country

Rindegastos adapts to all the requirements of the different fiscal and tax institutions of the countries. Forget paperwork to comply with national policies.

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Tax Settings

Comply with a correct accounting of expenses under the policies and tax laws of your country, avoiding errors and related accounting problems
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Digital backup in case of
lost vouchers

Rindegastos backs up all information constantly. Vouchers will not be lost and the information will be backed up in the cloud.
You can always review the history and find what you need.
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Compliance with
internal and country policies

Automates the expense reporting processes through compliance with internal tax policies of the company and the country. This works as a barrier to expenses that are not in accordance with what is defined in the company and the management of taxes in the accounting.
Specific policies for each
country and tax institution


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The SII officially recognizes Rindegastos as a replacement for the physical support of bills and invoices.


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We align ourselves with the SAT and its tax system, making the expense verification experience smooth and optimal.


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We integrate with all the policies imposed by SUNAT so that you can make your reports with peace of mind.

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100% customizable policies to enforce the rules and play the way you want.
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Manage and view in real time the amounts allocated from petty cash and the funds to be paid from all collaborators.


All your information will be protected and backed up with constant availability and access to it. Rindegastos has a backup system that preserves all your data and encrypts it so that only you can access it.