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There is no reason to continue manually filling out spreadsheets or reports, Rindegastos digitizes 100% of the expense statements in your company, making them simple and fast both for those who render them and for those who review them.

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How it works
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Expense statements
paperwork free

Our software is specially designed to eliminate paperwork and avoid filling out spreadsheets and reports, speeding up the expense statement process and optimizing the operation of the entire workflow.

Does it integrate with my ERP?

Don't worry, we adapt to all accounting systems and business workflows. Forget digitizing expense reports more than once, Rindegastos does it for you.

We are Report specialists

We work with more than 3,000 companies from all industries and countries in Latin America, regardless of the type or size of your company, we assure you a perfect result.
+ 3k companies trust us

We have clients from various countries and industries that use Rindegastos to
carry out their daily accountability reports, learn about some of them.

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Rindegastos within hand's reach

The Rindegastos mobile App allows you to use all our tools on your cell phone with a few clicks. Take photos, report expenses and